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Mamata leads the war from the front line against corona – puts other Political leaders without political breathing space !



Ananda Mukhopadhyay :: Spot News :: 2nd April :: Kolkata ::

While the Prime Minister, remembering the old English proverb “An Englishman’s home is his castle”, retreated into his Lok Kalyan Marg residence, confident that the coronavirus will not be able to penetrate the several rings of security cordon around him, Mamata Banerjee is cocking a snook at coronavirus and daily attending her office at Nabanna, the State Secretariat. She is talking face-to-face with her officers, not contacting them through video-conferencing.

The State BJP leaders are not happy. They are fretting and fuming that instead of staying at home, Mamata is freely moving about and exposing herself to corona infection. This is unpardonable on the part of the chief minister.

They expected her to remain cocooned at her Kalighat residence so that they could go about telling people that at the time of a crisis the Chief Minister is nowhere to be seen. The CPI-M has chimed in with the BJP. The party has accused Mamata of violating the lockdown and helping spread infection.

Mamata has written a different script for herself which the BJP and the CPI-M find galling. She has issued strict instructions to all hospitals, whether public or private, asking them not to refuse admission to any corona patient.

She is freely visiting government and private hospitals to see the state of affairs at first hand. She is visiting shops, bazaars, vegetable markets and places where conservancy workers are at work. She has doubled the insurance cover from five to ten lakh rupees for doctors, nurses, paramedics both in government and private hospitals. Before that she announced the creating of a Rs. 200 crore fund to tackle the coronavirus outbreak.

Right at the moment  no Chief Ministers In India seemed to be matching Mamata Banerjee.

It is expected from DIDI that she takes proper shield to protecte her as the Field Marshal against the Corona War.

source : Natioal Herald


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